About Us

The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain
a high standard of professional interest among its
members, and to unite them in a strong bond of
fraternal fellowship.

Arizona State University is home to the Delta Gamma chapter of Theta Tau. Founded on May 6, 1995 with only a handful of engineering students, our chapter has grown over the years to include engineers across a wide variety of disciplines. Even though we may be working towards different careers, we are all united in striving for brotherhood, professionalism, and service, both in the fraternity and in our daily lives. The Delta Gamma Chapter's activities range from forging lifelong bonds through chapter projects and outings to building up our career and giving back to the community by volunteering for school events and local charities and engaging with engineering professionals across the country.
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Engineers! Have you ever wanted to build your network of friends and professionals? Maybe get advice on what class to take, or profession to dig into? How about looking to serve the community and people within ASU? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Theta Tau wants you! Come join one of the most exciting and rewarding fraternities on campus. We look to instill a sense of brotherhood, service and profession to all our members and are looking to keep adding new numbers. Come find us by ECG starting August 29th to September 8th. We look forward to meeting you!
Rush Flyer

You can find out more about our schedule of rush events at our table outside of ECG during Rush Week in the fall.